The owner of Birchly Sweet began sculpting florets for her own bridal crown when she could not find the simplicity she was looking for. She noticed, in her search, that there was very little left in our consumerist world that had refined and sophisticated qualities. After she had sculpted her first florets for her wedding day, she wanted to make more and found a niche making baby crowns. Birchly Sweet began out of a desire to bypass the kitsch world of baby items to create something with taste and grace. We have further expanded our company to provide adult crowns for both maternity and bridal occasions. Each of our crowns, from bridal, to maternity, to infant, are hand made with love, care, and the utmost attention to detail. Our delight is watching our customers enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

We also desire a further outreach for our company. 10% of every order goes towards missions in Nicaragua. You may follow our current recipients at