1. How are these blossoms made?
Each Blossom Crown is a hand sculpted, unique, creation. Our color palette are custom mixed allowing a delicate nature for our florets. We strive for quality and only use fine polymers in our products. These products are not created for purposeful or excessive bending; however, these polymers are quite resilient.

2. How long will these crowns fit a child?
Attached to a nylon band, these crowns are able to expand and grow with your child. On average, their suitable age range is from new born to toddler.

3. How long does it take for the product to be created?
Made to order in Oregon USA. These blossom crowns are hand crafted with a 1-2 week processing time. 

4. What are the shipping arrangements?
First class shipping is used on all of our orders and can be to your doorstep between 2-5 business days after processing.

5. Are there options to receive my order quicker?
We have available a “Rush Package” on our home page that allows a faster processing time of 2-3 days. This is in comparison to 1-2 weeks. Shipping times are not changed by this package.

6. What if something goes wrong with my order?
Having pleased customers, who are as excited about our products as we are, is one of our main goals. While refunds are not our current policy, we strive to make you completely satisfied with your purchase. If concerns arise, please contact us at birchlysweet@gmail.com. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages.

7. What if I have questions that are not answered here?
If you wish to contact us or have further questions, please send us an email at birchlysweet@gmail.com. We love to interact with our customers and are pleased to hear from you.

8. Each crown is designed with care and with parental supervision in mind.
CAUTION: choking hazard! Please exercise care and supervise children while they wear their blossoms.